We aim to protect a resilient landscape in a time of increased ecological disturbances. We focus on forest cores of 250+ contiguous acres and their linkages. This threshold for forest patches is a scientifically recognized minimum needed to sustain important woodland species.

Preserving habitat linkages helps us form corridor that can facilitate the movement of plants and animals between core forest areas.

Our Goal: Protect an additional250,000 acres of forest habitat with an estimated 500 linkages between them by 2040

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Why We Do It

Forests act as natural filters, removing pollutants before water reaches streams, lakes, and reservoirs. Trees play a crucial role in processing carbon dioxide and other pollutants. If protected, terrestrial and wetland cores will support a diversity of fish, wildlife, and plants, and the ecosystems they depend upon.

As our local ecosystems are affected by a changing climate and increasing development, forest cores have become crucial areas for wildlife migrating to new habitats.


  • Support our partners in protecting at least 50% of each core forest and one secure linkage connecting each core in the Follow the Forest region.
  • Actively engage new and existing FTF partners.
  • Create shared resources and engaging media to help partners raise funds for land conservation projects.
  • Provide data and maps to help partners set conservation priorities that align with our mission of connected habitat.
  • Create a collaborative, inclusive, and dynamic space that empowers our partners to share in a joint mission.
  • Offer partners a platform for promoting events & volunteer opportunities and for celebrating conservation success stories that align with our mission.
  • Attend RCP gatherings and networking events to promote our initiative.
  • Advocate on behalf of the native animals and plants that rely on this resilient corridor for survival.
  • Educate the public on the issue of forest fragmentation and the importance of maintaining habitat connectivity through informational resources and sponsored events.
  • Support landowners in caring for the land they love.